What We Do

FLUENTOO is a language learning platform.

We provide our students with the best quality education. We want our seekers to be a FLUENTOO in any language they pick up!



Advanced Methods

Our teaching methods are not only professional, but also advanced and cutting-edge. We run an e-learning platform that helps students grow toward the world's future. Advance approaches enable you to flourish in today's complex world, whether you're in business dealing with massive amounts of fresh knowledge or returning to formal education. Each program is a blended learning experience meant to inspire participants in interactive workshops, with post-workshop online content to help participants retain what they've learned. This significantly boosts the uptake of new techniques and encourages practical application.

Activity Based Learning

We teach our learners not only with given study materials but also in various ways. We do writing, speaking, and listening tasks in class. We ask students to participate in a group, duet, or solo activities. We also take care of the fact that the student can apply his/her knowledge. These approaches assist students in growing and excelling in their chosen fields. This boosts their confidence and prepares them for a great future.


Application Skills

Knowing is not sufficient; applying it to daily life is as crucial. As a result, whenever a learner attempts to learn a new language, we ensure that they practice it thoroughly and speak it fluently. Because of this, we employ application-based teaching strategies, which include various test formats and classroom activities. Additionally, performance is reviewed every time and allows the student to evaluate the relevance of their knowledge.

360 Learning

This is a new age concept. The idea that a student's environment and all of their experiences have an impact on their education is central to 360-degree learning. It also covers things like learning modules, classroom settings, and how teachers devise and present their lessons. Most importantly, it takes into account how students interact with one another, the subject matter, and how interactive these lessons can be. It can only get better in class with repetition.


Live Classes

The classes we provide are all live. We want our learners to trust not only our teaching but also our organization. We keep our classes live so that the students' doubts get solved in the same class and they understand every concept with one-on-one interaction. They can also discuss and learn in the live class, which will benefit them in the long run. We keep the learning transparent.


After completion of the batch, we provide every student with a certificate that defines the course completion. The certificate states the language chosen which level has been accomplished by the student. It will also mention the mentor's name. The most crucial thing on that certificate will be the ISO mark. The certificate, in all, will be issued by FLUENTOO.