How We Do



Learning becomes a happy process if we have handy materials accessible anytime, anywhere. Hence we provide e-books, e-notes to our students. We also recordings of all the live classes for our students to catch up with every class they have missed. It makes the learning exciting and tension free.


Performance Reviews

Students can check and review themselves regarding the languages they have learned using our bi-weekly exam (one exam every two weeks);  performance review once a month and the student is notified of their improvements and the part that needs more focus, and a one-on-one meeting with the mentor regarding the learner's progress for better communication.


Mentor Support

A personal mentor for every single batch is assigned to create more friendly and constructive atmosphere. The mentor would be available for students to consult them incase of academic and technical issues. The mentor is a primary contact between the student and the firm. Thus the queries of the learners can be solved smoothly  which will not let barriers in the path of the learner's education.


Certified Teachers

Fluentoo has certified group of instructors  appointed keenly after interviews and qualification checks to mentor the students in any language they choose. Also, these mentors are experienced in respective fields and very efficient in teaching their language.


Consulting sessions

Special consulting session of about 30 minutes will be conducted for the students to make them understand the different-different study plans and their gains from this platform before being part of the fluentoo family. Also, it will help us to understand the students more and assist accordingly with specially customised study plans.

Hence, from this session, a learner can analyse the different plans and choose the best one for themselves.

Peer Group

 Every batch will have its own whatsapp group which will include a mentor. It will make things easier for the students to consult their mentor whenever they need assistance. The group can also be a place for healthy and sound discussions, it will help the students to stay engaged and active without keeping the queries alive just in their minds.