Why Hindi

One of the primary reasons most people want to learn a language is to be able to speak with individuals from all over the world. Over 500 million people worldwide speak Hindi, making it the second most widely spoken language on the planet. It is also India's official language. With India's rising economy, anyone doing business in South-East Asia would benefit from knowing Hindi. Many people study Hindi in order to add it to their CV as a language skill in order to boost their chances of being hired for professions that need Hindi.


Our Class

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Our Process






Any language that lacks good grammar is useless. We ensure that your learning includes the correct grammar so that we can assist you with both oral and written forms of the language.


It is vital to study not only the outside sections of the lesson but also the edges right up front, from the scratches to the top. As a result, teaching the learner the vocabulary component of the language is required. Fluentoo ensures that a student learns the vocabulary in depth.


We improve your learning by supporting you with mastering the native language's accent. We're here to help you become better to best in whatever language you're learning with us, not just in writing or listening but most importantly in speaking.


We help you obtain the best fluency in your favourite language by combining the proper accent, grammar, and vocabulary. Not just one thing to concentrate on, but every aspect from our end is taken into account as we maintain our concentration and assist you in developing expertise with us.

Learning Graph


We follow a 360 learning concept. This summarises a few steps towards better learning which are as follows in the order:

Learn the language, apply what you have learned already,  re-learning and rectify the mistakes, which ultimately makes you a FLUENTOO!

About Batches

Our courses adhere to the "CEFR" levels.

An internationally accepted benchmark that goes into further detail about your learning progress is the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The framework aids in explaining your level, which ranges from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2).

When you know your level, we can recommend the most appropriate classes to help you start and progress instantly because all of the languages we offer are mapped to the CEFR Framework.


Age Groups

Kids (6-10 years)

With the correct professional support, young kids can learn any foreign language.

Adolescents (11-18 years)

Students in this age group are typically enthusiastic, inquisitive, and eager to discover the world!

Adults (18+ years)

Obtaining a certificate is an important component of proving your language abilities.

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