"Language is not an academic skill, It's a life skill."                                                                   - Roshan Manohar                                     Founder & CEO, Fluentoo

About Us

About us

Why Learn

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With the help of Fluentoo, a language learning platform, you may effortlessly learn any language at your convenience and pace.

We are focused on giving our pupils the best language instruction possible and making sure they are fluent in any language they learn. Individualized training sessions and helpful demos make learning very straightforward.

Here, it is application based learning. Our trainers provide exceptional learning experiences and a setting where each applicant can succeed. They are highly qualified and committed to each student.

Our goal is to make you a “Fluentoo” in any language you pick up.

Why We Exist

We desire a FLUENTOO in every one of our seekers!

By fusing practical learning with entertaining strategies, Fluentoo is developed to make learning more pleasurable.

The most constructive platform for language learning is what we aim to provide to a million people.

Our Vision

We want to change a language student's method of study. The candidates should be able to speak any language with ease and fluency. We also want to provide you with the most pleasurable sessions and the best learning experience possible so you can put your problems behind you.

Our Values

  • Our top priority is student’s learning satisfaction, and we go above and beyond to get there.
  • We provide application-based learning through engaging learning sessions and a weekly review of previously learned ideas.
  • We provide the highest-caliber education available. We are committed to give the best quality at all times.